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To the respected members of the Korean Liver Cancer Association,

This year, the KLCA celebrates its 19th anniversary, after being founding in 1999 as a multidisciplinary society for doctors and scientists treating liver cancer patients, and studying the pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of liver cancer. During that time, the efforts of numerous presidents and members have resulted astounding quantitative and qualitative growth. In order to support treatment, research, and education for liver cancer, we established and have continued to develop and supply the first national liver cancer treatment guidelines since 2003, we have taken the lead in ascertaining the state of liver cancer in Korea through liver cancer patient registration projects, and we have served as a forum for public discussion about issues related to liver cancer.

At the KLCA, we pursue the advancement of liver cancer treatment and research through cooperation and harmonization between different specialties involved in liver cancer, and are striving to be a hub for exchange between members. As one of the most important diseases and leading causes of death in Korea, and even more effort is required to defeat liver cancer, especially from academic societies. To this end, we will convey the proper information about liver cancer to the population and the government, deliver carefully selected, correct medical information to doctors working on the front line treating liver cancer, and provide broad educational opportunities to young researching physicians with an interest in liver cancer. We will work even harder to improve the current state of liver cancer treatment in Korea.

The interest and backing of our members is the driving force behind the advancement of the KLCA, and so we will be a society that makes itself accessible to its members. We look forward to your ongoing support.

Thank you.

1st July 2017

Joong-Won Park, President of the Korean Liver Cancer Association