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회장님 사진

To the respected members of the Korean Liver Cancer Association,

Liver cancer is still an intractable disease with high economic burden in Korea. The Korean Liver Cancer Association (KLCA) was first established by clinicians with great interest in the study and treatment of liver cancer as the Korean Liver Cancer Study Group in 1999. It then changed its name to the Korean Liver Cancer Research Society in 2010. In 2014, it evolved into a true academic association and changed its name to the Korean Liver Cancer Association. Our association has undergone both qualitative and quantitative growth, owing to the devoted efforts of previous chairmen and executive committee members. We have been leading evidence-based care based on a liver cancer therapeutic guideline specific to our country and are now recognized as an exemplary academic association that has carried out reasonable and efficient multidisciplinary care with experts from various specialties.

My esteemed colleagues,
Our association has now reached its adulthood and celebrated the 20th birthday. In the past 20 years, we have grown into a world-class association in both clinical and research areas. Adulthood implies to have responsibilities along with rights. Our association cannot progress further despite good educational programs or symposiums planned by the executive committee, without the support and participation from our members. In order to adapt to the wide and massive knowledge expansion and treatment evolution on the genetic and immunological mechanism of liver cancer in recent days, we absolutely need active academic exchange.
Our association will effort to provide opportunities for free exchange of latest clinical data on liver cancer, educate and relay accurate information to the general public, and communicate with the government to solve the many issues arising in the challenging clinical setting. I ask for your continued support and feedback. I wish you and your family health and happiness.

Thank you.

1st July 2018

Seung Kyu Yoon, President of the Korean Liver Cancer Association